Solid Edge Surfacing

Solid Edge Surfacing


One day class – $650


This course is offered online or at the Ally PLM campus in Loveland, OH.


This course covers using Solid Edge modeling functions to build free form surfaces. Free form surfaces are those that cannot be constructed using standard solid modeling features. This includes creating bspline curves and other developed curves, building surfaces through one or more sets of curves, sweeping profiles along guides, and applying surface transition between faces. Learn the workflows and modeling tools that make you more productive in creating surface models. The instructor will introduce areas of focus for each modeling workflow and then reinforce this topic with well-designed lab exercises.

At Course Completion

Students will have improved their overall Solid Edge surface modeling skills. They will have learned the finer points of curve creation, learned to create simple and complex surfaces, learned to edit curves to produce a desired surface and learned to combine and manipulate surfaces to build a surface model. Overall, the student will be able show an increase in productivity by more efficient use of Solid Edge thus reducing the design cycle time.


Potential students should have or completed the following prior to the class:

Course Materials

A Solid Edge Surfacing Student Guide and data set on USB Drive will be provided.


Lesson 1: Introduction to Surface Modeling

Lesson 2: Creating and Editing Curves

Lesson 3: Indirect Curve Creation Techniques

Lesson 4: Surface Creation

Lesson 5: Surface Manipulation Tools

Lesson 6: Surface Inspection Tools & Tips

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