Solid Edge Advanced Techniques

Solid Edge Advanced Techniques


Three day class – $1500


This course is offered online or at the Ally PLM campus in Loveland, OH.


This course focuses on taking the novice-to-intermediate Solid Edge user to a higher level of productivity through the introduction of advanced modeling and assembly techniques. It will cover fundamental skills and concepts central to the use of Solid Edge and proper utilization of the process-specific workflows and modeling tools to create cast, machined, sheet metal and plastic parts.

At Course Completion

Students will learn how to effectively use the process-specific workflows and modeling tools that allow them to easily create cast, machined, sheet metal, and plastic parts.   Students will learn the finer points of profile/sketch creation, learn how to classify and breakdown a part, and then apply the necessary workflow within Solid Edge to aid in efficiently modeling the part.  In addition, students will learn how to effectively use the process-specific workflows that correspond to how assemblies are created and modified in Solid Edge.  This process-specific approach simulates the actual assembly creation process.   These techniques will enhance a user’s knowledge of Solid Edge and show how correct usage of the workflows of both Top-Down and Bottom-Up, or a combination of both methods, produces a reduction in the design cycle time.


Course Materials

Solid Edge Advanced Techniques Student Guides (Volumes 1 and 2) and a data set on USB Drive.


Day 1

  • Lesson 1: Breakdown of a part
  • Lesson 2: Advanced Part Modeling (Sweeps, Lofts, Surfaces)
  • Lesson 3: Streamlining the Design (Variable Table, Family of Parts, Part Copies)

Day 2

  • Lesson 4: Sheet Metal Basics Review/Advanced Sheet Metal Features
  • Lesson 5: Basic Assembly Relationships/Designing in the Assembly
  • Lesson 6: Virtual Components

Day 3

  • Lesson 7: Working with Assemblies (Adjustable Assemblies, Alternate Assemblies, Restructuring, Fastener Systems)
  • Lesson 8: Systems Libraries
  • Lesson 9: Design Verification (Motion, Sensors)
  • Lesson 10: Rendering & Animation
  • Lesson 11: Data Management (Revision Manager, View & Markup)
  • Lesson 12: XpressRoute (Tubing and Piping)

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