NX CAM Advanced Techniques

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NX CAM Advanced Techniques


Five day class – $2000


This course is offered online or at the Ally PLM campus in Loveland, OH.


NX CAM Advanced Techniques is designed to help students with complex CAM programming productivity.  The NX CAM Advanced Techniques course will provide professional instruction pertaining to advanced 3 to 5 axis milling CAM programming techniques.  This intermediate/advanced level class will focus on CAM programming in the context of real-life scenarios and will include instructor-led demonstrations, follow along demonstrations, and hands-on exercises.


At Course Completion

At the completion of NX CAM Advanced Techniques the student will productively develop proper complex workpiece setups, efficient manufacturing 3 and 5 axis tool paths, and key system customizations that will improve efficiency.  This course is designed to meet the student’s expectation to transfer classroom instruction to productivity on the job.  As with each course developed and taught by an Ally PLM Application Engineer with Siemens PLM Software certification, the NX CAM Advanced Techniques class capitalizes on the Ally PLM Engineer’s intimate knowledge of the software’s development and instructs the students based on the underlying principles incorporated within the software.


  • Windows Experience
  • Completion of NX Manufacturing Tutorials
  • General CNC machining knowledge
  • Previous NX CAM Programming experience
  • Completion of Essentials for NX Designers recommended but not required
  • Completion of NX CAM Fundamentals

Course Materials

NX CAM Student Guides and an NX CAM data set will be provided on USB Drive.


  • Cut Regions
  • High Speed Machining
  • Cutting Parameters
  • Non Cutting Moves
  • WAVE Linking
  • IPW Transfer
  • MCS Manipulation
  • Fixed Axis Contour
  • 3 to 5 Axis Tool Tilt
  • 5 Axis Variable Contour
  • 5 Axis Variable Streamline
  • 5 Axis Contour Profile
  • 5 Axis Z Level
  • Multi-Axis Drilling
  • Multiple Workpiece Setup
  • Toolpath Transfer
  • Paste Toolpath with Reference
  • Groove Milling
  • Chamfer Milling
  • 4 Axis Rotary Milling
  • 3 Axis Undercut Milling
  • 5 Axis Undercut Milling
  • Drilling Multiple Sets
  • User Defined Events
  • Dialog Customization
  • Column Customization
  • Custom CAM Templates
  • Model Prep
  • Selection Intent
  • Toolpath Editing
  • Geometry Groups
  • Tracking Points
  • Holemaking
  • Reuse Library
  • Machining Data Library

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