Insight Admin Training

Insight Admin Training


1 Day Class- $1000


This course is offered online or at the Ally PLM campus in Cincinnati, OH. The course will focus on your computer system.


  • Terms
  • Overview of User Training
  • Setting Up the Client for Solid Edge Insight
    • Solid Edge Insight Server
    • Structure on the Server
    • Sites, Subsites, Libraries, and Folders
    • To Set Up the Client
      • Update Searchscope
      • Install the Solid Edge Client
      • Add Network Location
      • File Locations
      • Permissions
      • Duplicate Documents
    • Properties
    • Search
  • Administration
    • Extra Documentation
    • Checklist
    • Performance Improvements of which to be aware
    • Solid Edge Options
    • Options File for Flex LM
    • SharePoint and SQL Health
    • Maintenance Packs

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