CAMWorks for Solid Edge

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CAMWorks for Solid Edge Fundamentals


Five day class – $2000


This course is offered online or at the Ally PLM campus in Loveland, OH.


CAMWorks for Solid Edge Fundamentals is designed to help students with CAM programming productivity.  The CAMWorks for Solid Edge Fundamentals course will provide professional instruction pertaining to basic part modeling for manufacturing, feature recognition, operation plans, and efficient CAM programming techniques.  This introductory class introduces CAM programming in the context of real-life scenarios and will include instructor-led demonstrations, follow along demonstrations, and hands-on exercises.

At Course Completion

At the completion of CAMWorks for Solid Edge Fundamentals the student will productively develop efficient 2 and 3 axis milling tool paths. The course will also focus on turning to help develop efficient 2 axis turning tool paths This course is designed to meet the student’s expectation to transfer classroom instruction to productivity on the job.  As with each course developed and taught by an Ally PLM Application Engineer, the CAMWorks for Solid Edge Fundamentals class capitalizes on the Ally PLM Engineer’s intimate knowledge of the software’s development and instructs the students based on the underlying principles incorporated within the software.


  • Windows Experience
  • Completion of some Solid Edge Tutorials delivered with the product or basic Solid Edge knowledge
  • General CNC machining knowledge
  • Completion of Solid Edge Fundamentals recommended but not required

Course Materials

CAMWorks Student Guides and a CAMWorks data set will be provided on USB Drive.


  • CAMWorks User Interface
  • Sketching for Manufacturing
  • Basic Modeling for Manufacturing
  • Automatic Feature Recognition
  • Interactive Feature Recognition
  • Generating Operation Plan
  • Generating 2 Axis Milling Operations
  • Generating 3 Axis Milling Operations
  • Generating OD Turning Operations
  • Generating ID Turning Operations
  • Generating Groove Operations
  • Technical Database
  • Defining Stock
  • Defining the Chuck
  • Simulation
  • Tool Library
  • Machine Library
  • Post Processing
  • Setup Sheets

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