Solid Edge Data Management

Built-in Solid Edge Data Management


Solid Edge data management is easy with built-in capabilities including instant searches, and simple revision and release management. No database software required!


Built-in Solid Edge data management provides excellent capabilities for smaller manufacturers who may be struggling to work with fast growing volumes of CAD files. Setup is really fast, you just need to place an index on the folders where you store your Solid Edge files! And no IT support is required as you don’t need to install or maintain any database software.


You can search instantly for Solid Edge files based on file names, and standard or custom properties. You can also perform where-used searches that enable you to find which assemblies a part is used in so you can assess the impact of a proposed design change before it is started.


The Design Manager utility enables you to review and edit properties of multiple files, and to perform revision and release operations on Solid Edge parts, assemblies and drawings. And you can backup, share, and synchronize your Solid Edge files using popular cloud based file sharing software like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Box.


Using these data management capabilities you can get control of your data and processes and experience fewer errors in manufacturing; and with more consistent data, you will be in an excellent position to upgrade to Teamcenter should the need arise.


Fast setup, no database software to maintain

The built-in Solid Edge data management capabilities use standard Windows indexing technology to store information about your Solid Edge files. There is no database software to install or maintain so no need for IT support. You simply place indexes on the folders where your Solid Edge files are stored and get started immediately!


Instant searches and integrated properties management

You can search quickly for the files you need from Windows Explorer or from Solid Edge using file names and standard or custom properties. You can also run “where-used” searches that enable you to find where a part is used in assemblies and drawings, you can then quickly assess the impact of planned changes on existing assemblies.


Easy revision and release management

The Design Manager utility enables you to rapidly revise parts, assemblies and drawings. For example you can clone an existing assembly and create new revisions of selected parts giving you a fast start to a new design project. You can also easily review and edit the properties information that you store in your Solid Edge parts, assemblies and drawings. And you can release your parts, assemblies and drawings with just a few clicks.


Flexible file vaulting and sharing

Solid Edge offers flexible file storage and sharing solutions using local, network and cloud based storage options that meet the needs of single users to larger manufacturers. You can store and share your data on the cloud using popular file sharing software like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Box, and you can easily share selected data with remote design resources and with your suppliers and customers. Your Solid Edge files are also kept locally giving you optimum performance and the flexibility to work offline.

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