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Siemens PLM CAD/CAM software Webinar

Do you have difficulty interacting with your CAD tool? Do you have trouble getting your CAD data to easily talk to CAM or simulation tools? All these problems cost time, money and mental resources.


Solid Edge and NX, both Siemens PLM Software engineering tools, are developed to alleviate the common pain points you face with engineering software while providing you the power you need to design better, faster, and more effectively.


Join us as we define what differentiates NX and Solid Edge from all other CAD tools on the market:

  • Complete Solutions: they both cover the entire product life cycle from design through complete manufacturing
  • Synchronous Modeling: this innovative, proprietary technology can make your design time 100 times faster. It’s to CAD what the Swiss Army knife is to pocket knives: a game changer.

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