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Let’s get real for a minute. This page is for you. We stand by our products and services as the best in the industry, but we understand you can’t really know that unless you give us a try. So check back often for promo updates and we’ll keep doing what we do best: supporting our customers. Hopefully, that’s you.

Training Giveaways

Choose an iPad Mini 2, an Electric Guitar with Rocksmith or a 25% discount


Take a 4 or 5 day training course with us and get rewarded for bettering yourself! Here’s how it works


1. Sign up for a 4 or 5 day course


2. Tell us what you want (pick one)

  • Gift for your company’s bottomline: 25% discount
  • Gift for improving yourself and becoming more productive: iPad Mini 2 – 32GB, OR an electric guitar (Epiphone LP Special II) with an amp, case, and Rocksmith game


3. Take the class and walk away enriched with knowledge (and with whatever gift you choose)


Persnickety details: 1 giveaway per class per person. If you take more than one eligible course, you are eligible for a giveaway each time. Giveaways and discounts are only for 4 or 5 day classes. (Qualified classes include: Solid Edge Fundamentals, Synchronous Technology for the Ordered User, Essentials for NX Designers, Advanced Techniques for NX Designers, NX CAM Fundamentals, NX CAM Advanced Techniques and CAMWorks Fundamentals). Giveaways are not available with previously purchased classes. Giveaways cannot be swapped out once received. Items may be interchanged with comparable items based upon availability.

Software Promotions

25% off Teamcenter Rapid Start

Buy Teamcenter Rapid Start and get a 25% discount on software and maintenance.


  • Teamcenter Rapid Start
  • Either Autodesk or SolidWorks or Solid Edge Connector
  • 3 Years of Maintenance bought upfront


Persnickety details: 

  • Must buy corresponding maintenance of product paid for
  • Only available in USA & CA
  • No other promotions or discounts can be used with this promotion
  • Offer ends June 26, 2017

10%  and 20% off NX CAM

Step 1: Buy a participating CAM module and receive 10% discount on software and maintenance

  • Applicable modules: NX CAM Foundation, NX CAD/CAM Turning Foundation, NX CAD/CAM 2.5 or 3 Axis Milling Foundation, NX CAM-only 5 Axis Machining, NX Multi-Axis Deposition, Line Designer Floating, Line Designer Library Admin Floating, NX Total Machining, NX Advanced 5 Axis Machining, NX Sinumerik Collision Avoidance, Line Designer Add-On Floating, NX Machine Configurator Basic, NX Machine Configurator Advanced


Step 2 (optional): Add an “add-on license” to the order above and receive a 20% discount on the add-on license and maintenance

  • Applicable products: Curvature Matching, NX Turning Add-On, NX 5 Axis Machining Add-On, NX Wire EDM Add-On, NX 2.5 or 3 Axis Milling Add-On, NX NC Simulation Add-On, NX Feature Based Machining Author Add-On, NX Turbomachinery Milling Add-On, NX CAM Mach-Level Data Management Add-On, NX Work Instruction Authoring, NX On Machine Probing Add-On, NX CAM Robotics Programming Add-On, NX CAM RMR_Sinumerik Posting Add-On, NX CAM ABB Rapid Posting Add-On, NX CAM Fanuc RJ Posting Add-On, NX CAM Kuka KRL Posting Add-On, NX Reference Point Cloud View, NX Multi-Axis Deposition Add-On, NX CAM Post Configurator Advanced Add-On, NX CAM Post Configurator Full Add-On


Persnickety details: 

  • Must buy corresponding maintenance of product paid for
  • Only available in USA & CA
  • No other promotions or discounts can be used with this promotion
  • Offer ends June 26, 2017

Complete Capital Services: Buy Now… Pay Later

Complete Capital Services has teamed up with Ally PLM to offer a deferred payment plan with your software, maintenance, training, implementation, and/or hardware. There is no down payment and no monthly payments due at signing.

Benefits of Financing:

  • Monthly, quarterly, annual, or graduated payment structures
  • Quick, easy application process
  • 0% interest options available
  • 12-60 month finance solutions for software purchases
  • 90 day deferred payment option

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