Solid Edge – Deleting Complex Bends

Solid Edge – Deleting Complex Bends

Solid Edge Tip of the Week – April 3
Occasionally when working with imported geometry or complex parts, you will run into a corner with multiple blends that cannot be deleted since the geometry is too complex. There’s a simple way to get around this issue that works great with the new quick shapes in Solid Edge ST7. In the picture below you can see we have a
pretty complex corner with a lot of faces:

If we select the rounds and attempt to delete them, we will get the following error – The selected items
could not be deleted:

This can be fixed by creating a sphere on this corner to consume all of the faces. The easiest way I found to place the sphere is to first create a plane along a curve and place that on one of the edges in the middle of the corner. Next, start the Sphere command and lock on to the plane you created:

Make sure that the sphere is large enough to consume all of the complex faces inside of it as seen below:

Next, select all of the remaining rounds that intersect the sphere and delete them:

Finally, delete the sphere you created and Solid Edge will recreate the corner without any rounds or blends:


I’ve also created a short video showing how this can be done which can be seen at the following link:
Ben Weisenberger
Application Engineer
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