Drafting and Construction Bodies

Drafting and Construction Bodies

Solid EdgeTip of the Week – February 20

If you have parts in an assembly that are not appearing in your draft, it is possible this is because they are construction bodies which do not show up in draft by default. There are two ways to fix this, you can either
make them design bodies or, if you want them as construction bodies, you can set the draft to show construction bodies.

1) For the first method, double click on the part that isn’t showing up and open up the Construction Bodies dropdown:


Then you can right click on each of those, and hit toggle design/construction. This will make them design bodies which will show up in the draft by default. They will then show up in the draft.


2) For the second method, open the assembly in drafting, right click on it and select Properties:



Then click the button shown in the screenshot below and select List All:

From there you can find the Construction Bodies and then select Show:


Patrick Barton
Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions, Inc.


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  • Moggy

    August 7, 2015 at 10:22 am Reply

    In draft just List Construction Bodies then click on the top level and [Select all Occurrences] the re-check the Show button that has now gone blue (some shown some not) this will show all surface models now. We very varely need to not show some.

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