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Install Notes for NX

Install Notes for NX

1. Prepare the license file

a. Get a copy of your NX license file (from Siemens support site or call Ally PLM 800-631-5961.

b. Open the file using “Notepad” and find the line in the file which looks similar to the following example:
SERVER THIS_HOST COMPOSITE=<CID of your server> 28000

c. Replace the THIS_HOST with the name of your server machine (if it is not done already). Then save this file as ugs1.lic (or as the name of your previous license file) to a safe location.

i. To find your previous license file, open the following:
On 64 bit OS C:\Program Files (x86)\UGS\UGSLicensing\lmtools.exe
On 32 bit OS C:\Program Files (x86)\UGS\UGSLicensing\lmtools.exe
ii. On the Service/License File tab, specify Configuration Using Services and ensure that FlexLM License Manager (default is UGS License Server (ugslmd)) is highlighted in the list.
iii. Go to the config services tab and make sure that the FLEXlm License Manager (default is UGS License Server (ugslmd)) is selected.
iv. The path to the license file is in the box next to the text that says Path to the License file

2. Install FlexLM and Configure FlexLM

a. Run the license manager from the DVD. Follow the installation prompts. When it asks you for the license file, navigate to the license file you saved above.

b. When installation is complete. Open lmtools.exe (follow 3A-D above). Go to the config services tab (make sure service name has FlexLM License Manager (default is UGS License Server (ugslmd)) selected and make sure the path to the license file is correct.

c. Make sure server on power-up and use services are both checked.

d. On the Stop/Start/Reread tab, click stop (wait until it says stopping server), click start (wait until it says server start successful), click reread (wait until it says reread complete)

e. Go to the Server status tab and click perform status inquiry. Make sure that it says the server and the daemon are UP (see yellow below).

Flexible License Manager status on Fri 5/20/2011 09:17
[Detecting lmgrd processes…]
License server status: 28000@MadisonRye

License file(s) on MadisonRye: C:\Program Files (x86)\UGS\UGSLicensing\ugs4.lic:

MadisonRye: license server UP (MASTER) v11.6

Vendor daemon status (on MadisonRye):

ugslmd: UP v11.6

Feature usage info:

f. Note: If you have a problem reading the license file information on the FlexLM server it may be related to a Windows firewall issue. Windows XP SP2 installs additional firewall protection to a user’s machine. One of the things that this firewall will do is prevent clients from accessing a machine that has XP SP2 installed, including a license server. To correct this on the license server, select Start->Control Panel and double click on “Windows Firewall”. When the Windows Firewall dialog comes up, select the “Exceptions” tab. This is where you will add the programs or services that you do not want to be blocked from external use. In this case, you need to select the Add Program… button. Browse to the location you have installed FlexLM and select the lmgrd.exe program, then do the same thing for the sedemon.exe. With these two programs added to the exception list, your clients will again be able to access your license server. In some situations, you may have to reboot your server.

3. Install NX on Clients

a. Install NX on each client machine. When it asks where the license server is enter 28000@<your server name> The server name should be exactly what is in the license file in step 3C. An example is as follows:

b. If you have multiple bundles of NX software, you may have to go to windows start menu…all programs…NX (your version of NX)…NX licensing Tools and select your bundle from the left and click add to add it to the selected bundles list.


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