How to fix Java Error for NX 8.5 Product Template Studio

How to fix Java Error for NX 8.5 Product Template Studio

For those of you that have a license of NX Product
Template Studio, you may come across a Java error when you upgrade to NX
8.5.  With NX 8.5, Java (Java Runtime
Environment) is no longer delivered with the NX installation package.  This could also affect a few other functions
that are listed at the bottom of this article. 

To Launch Product Template Studio (PTS) and see if
you get the Java error (Remember you must have the license to access PTS):

1. Click
your Windows Start Button.

2. Click
on All Programs.

3. Click
on Siemens NX 8.5.

4. Click on NX Tools.

5. Click
on Product Template Studio.

If you receive the error below, you need to load
Java.  This is looking for an Environment
Variable location for Java called “UGII_JAVA_HOME”.

To Fix the PTS Launch Error:

1. Download and install Java. (Java is a free tool. If you are required to, contact your administrator before you download Java.)

     a. Go to

     b. Click on Downloads

     c. Click See All Java Downloads. We want to make sure we get the correct version (64 bit vs. 32 bit).

     d. Click on the proper version, download, and install. 

2. Create a System Environment Variable pointing to the new Java installation. 

     a. Right click on Computer – Click on Properties for Windows 7.

     b. Click on Change Settings.

     c. On the Advanced Tab tool, click on Environment Variables. 

     d. Under System Variables, click New.

     e. Type in the Variable name “UGII_JAVA_HOME” and for the value place the path to your Java Installation as shown below. 

     f. Click OK. Click OK to dismiss the Environment Variable dialog. 

3. Try and Launch Product Template Studio again. Your Java error should be gone now. 

Here is a list of other areas where this Java fix/installation may be required for NX 8.5:

– NX Relations Browser
– Product Template Studio
– Command line version of CATIA V4 translator
– Command line version of CATIA V5 translator
– Command line version of DXF/DWG
– Command line version of IGES translator
– Command line version of NX Pro E translator
– Command line version of Step AP203 translator
– Command line version of Step AP214 translator 
– Knowledge Fusion ICE
– Quality Dashboard
– Validation Rule Editor
– Batch Mesher
– Custom written NX/Open Java programs

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