Solid Edge Spell Check Feature

Solid Edge Spell Check Feature

Did you know Solid Edge has built in spell check? There are two ways to take advantage of this feature. You can simply run spell check or map it to a button in the Quick Access Toolbar. Use this to assure correct spelling on your drawings before you publish them. Follow this how-to below by Ally PLM Application Engineer Ben Roll to use spell check with Solid Edge.

How to Add Spell Check to Solid Edge

Option 1: Run Spell Check
To Run Spell Check the Draft file MUST BE OPEN. The Spell Check Executable can be found at C:Program FilesSolidEdge ST4CustomDraft
Spell Checkerbin Office


Option 2: Add Spell Check to Quick Access Toolbar
Step 1:  On the Quick Access Toolbar, select the down arrow. Select More Commands.


Step 2: Select the Quick Access Tab.

Step 3:  Select Macros in the drop down for Choose commands from.

Step 4: Click Browse at the bottom to Browse to the macro you want to use.

Step 5: Hightlight the .exe file and Click Add to the Quick Access Toolbar.
Step 6: You have the option to add an icon to the tool. Click Assign.

Step 7: Notice the results. Close the dialog box.
Step 8: Notice the results in the Quick Access Toolbar.
Gina Yeagley
Marketing Director
Ally PLM Solutions


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