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Manufacturing companies today are driven by increasing pressure to develop more innovative products in a shorter time frame than ever before. The first step in rethinking the business model surrounding product development is to transform the design process.  Using NX CAD for 3D design, you can improve your overall performance, especially in handling large complex modeling projects. Fully integrate design with other disciplines that work together in bringing your well managed and unified products to market. Superior in power and flexibility, NX CAD design tools are a breakthrough in the industry, setting new standards for speed, performance, and ease of use.


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NX CAD Free Trial Terms and Conditions

  • You cannot have had an NX CAD trial within the last six months.
  • You cannot be an existing NX customer (NX CAD software only) although NX customers may still participate in the free online training.
  • In order for trial to be processed, a company name and email address is required.
  • Trials are not available for student; more information about Siemens academic programs can be found HERE.
  • An NX Academic version can be purchased HERE.
  • Available in the United States only.

We hope you enjoy the powerful capabilities of NX CAD Software. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your trial.